Worksho… em… workcloset and what’s next.

After all, when I said I am a proud owner of one of the smallest workshops in the world I wasn’t lying.
Workcloset will be better name. Tiny and funky space under stairs with hidden secret door leading to forgotten kingdom of Mo… Well, leading to less than 4 foot tall basement with all utilities and pipes for our apartment. Building simple shelves to fit all treasures is not an option here. As a result all storage must be mobile.

Here is a plan of workcloset. Dimensions in inches lol :O)

In the meantime we need to figure out how to fit all goods in that tiny space. Here is a list of what I got so far:

DEWALT DWST17808 TSTAK I Long Handle Toolbox Organizer
DEWALT DWST17807 TSTAK II Flat Top Toolbox Organizer x2
DEWALT DWST17803 TSTAK III Single Deep Drawer x2
DEWALT DWST17804 TSTAK IV Double Shallow Drawers x2
WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press mounted on cart (build from really old white laminated plywood been found on neighbor curb).
Why Dewalt?
Well, first of all Tstak is a really great and inexpensive system.
I mean where else would you find other stackable storage cases deep enough to fit most of your power tool, or with drawers, with nice long hand tool boxes etc etc – and all of that for this price? You can get each of this boxes between $20 and $30 anytime, or wait’n’google a bit and get a better deal.

Did I tell you I am good to find a good deals? Being on hunt looking for storage systems for months, small enough to fit inside “workcloset”, big enough to hold all my tools and extras… And this Dewalt Tstak system was one of my best find – all in all cost less than $60 including dolly with free shipping. No-brainer, huh? As was mentioned before – wait’n’google and you may find better deal or even “price mistake” as I did.

And here is a space for old friend, Black&Decker WM225-A portable bench, real life and time saver.
As shown below it all fits perfect together.


Workcloset. So what’s next?

To begin with an idea was to build combination of storage/assembly/workbench style mobile unit.
Something like MFT tables, but without sexy ‘Ghini of power tools – Festool.

Keep in mind, we are limited in space.
In order to be able to move it in/out top can not be bigger than 20″x32″. Crazy small, I know. But that’s the way it is. Any size bigger than 20″ will not fit into the doorway, longer than 32″ will not fit into space next to “hidden door”.
18 3/4″ from 32″ side will be used for 3 pullout shelves – 2x Flat Tops TSTAK II and 1x Deep TSTAK VI.
From what’s left we’ll use some space for stack of 15 Bin Small Portable Parts Storage Case I did mentioned in this post not long ago. Got 10 so far and really like them.
Shelves on opposite and front sides.
Take a look at pics to get an idea.

Now it’s a time to design bench top to make a dream come true – finally have vise like IRWIN Woodworker’s Vise, t-tracks and bench dog holes.

You have something to say? Any ideas on how to modify base of bench or design bench top?
Drop a comment or two, or just share it – this would be very helpful for us!

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