Rules 101. Gordian knot of cables.

Seems like your worst nightmare comes true – a giant Gordian knot of cables. Unfortunately you are not Alexander the Great and can not sliced it in half with a stroke of your sword. That is to say, you could, yet will it settle the issue? Doubt it…
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cables or wires! But no matter if it is your power tool or extension cord or 50 foot network cable you keeping “just in a case…” seems like there is only one solution – organize it.
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Rules 101. If you use it, clean it.

Keep your work place clean, no matter how big or small it is.

I am a proud owner of one of the world’s smallest workshop. Indeed, essentially it’s a closet under the stairs, sort of storage for tools and a few random mats. Be that as it is, call it “storage”… C’mon! It’s a workshop! Furthermore, like any other workshops, it has it’s own rules.
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