Cute but deadly packing

They maybe Cute But Deadly but they still need a proper packing after all!
And I am not talking ’bout animals or little turtle ninjas or deadly spiders, tho who’s gonna call spiders cute, but hey… You never know.
Cute But Deadly is a series of figures based on all universes created by Blizzard, one of the biggest player in game industry nowadays. These vinyl figures vary somewhat but most measure around 3×2″ and are made of clear ABS & non-phthalate PVC. Very detailed and cute cartoonish looking. Small size is a huge plus for me, easy to move around or find a place to store. Been collecting, buying, trading and selling them for some time now. And, in my opinion, biggest problem always was a shipping.
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Small hack: Portable Parts Storage Case by StoreHouse

Here is a small hack of 15 Bin Small Portable Parts Storage Case made by StoreHouse and sold by Harbor Freight.
First of all keep in mind that these are sold by Harbor Freight. So we are not talking about high quality but looking for usability and price.
These storage cases are a good example of it.
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