Small hack: Portable Parts Storage Case by StoreHouse

Here is a small hack of 15 Bin Small Portable Parts Storage Case made by StoreHouse and sold by Harbor Freight.
First of all keep in mind that these are sold by Harbor Freight. So we are not talking about high quality but looking for usability and price.
These storage cases are a good example of it.

On the positive side, these are portable, made from durable plastic with removable bins.
Not to mention the price – I mean, c’mon! If you are on tight budget you cannot beat $4.99 for a storage case, besides HF runs 20% OFF single item almost every week, which brings price to $4. Do not look anywhere else, cos you’re not going to find it in this price range. Amazon sells them for $15, one of my local hardware stores – for $12. Why pay more?
In fact, these removable bins will let you swap them between cases as you need, so you can make any combination of big, small or mixed bins. Not to mention that you can use your storage case without any bins to store large parts. Most important for me was a fact that they would fit perfectly in upcoming project – mobile workbench/assembly table/storage.

On the negative side, they should stack with 8, 15 and 20 bin cases. Hypothetically. Then again, it’s a Harbor Freight. So you can “stack” it, sort of – one of the leg will stay onto position then other 3 … Well, other three will not. Not a biggie, but in this case if we can make it better, why not to fix it?

Storage Case. Lets cut!

In that case all we need is a sharp modelling knife.
I am using X-ACTO #1 Knife, Z Series With Safety Cap . Highly recommended!
And all we have to do is to cut off a thickness of small corner legs – ’bout a half from each side equally as shown above – on repeat it on all four of them.
And voila! As a result it stacks now :O)
Cheap and fast hack to make a good product even better.

What do you think?
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