Rules 101. If you use it, clean it.

Rule number one – “If you use it, clean it”.
Tools should be free of any dust, dirt, paint, rust – and so on. Particularly while you are on tight budget and purchasing new tool in light of the fact that “old” one missed TLC is not an option.
It doesn’t take long to keep it that way. I am still using Klein Tools screwdrivers I’ve got as a present almost 20 years ago.
No indication of rust.

For my situation that is mean next time I’ll have to use circular saw or sander I’ll not going to leave trace of dust all the way from “workshop” closet all the way to front door. I do most of cuttings and sanding outside since our apartment does not have garage or basement.
Clean it before you store it, and you’ll never have your better half tailing you with vacuum cleaner.

Keep you tools clean and out of rust.

In my place it’s an immense issue, tools getting corroded in a matter of months, if not weeks.
I am using 3 in 1 for most of my tools, no matter if it’s hand tool or drill press. Clean rust off with aluminum foil and give a nice coat or two of 3 in 1. It will keep your tools rust free. You can get it from Amazon for about $7/free shipping if you are prime member.

Cheap way to keep your tools clean’n’running.

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