Fixing old IKEA Malm saggy drawers. For free.

Let me start with this – I do hate new Malm’s drawer chests. 3, 4 or even 6 drawers, doesn’t matter.
From top to bottom. Quality is terrible, some metal parts been switched to plastic one, unnecessary heavy MDF inserts, new designs are… Bad. Just bad.
In other hand we do have lots of old style MALM’s. And we love them. In my opinion this series was one of the IKEA’s best ever made.

Saggy problem

They are getting hard to find nowadays.
The best place to look is local craigslist. You may find them really cheap or even for free.
But most of chests will have common problem – saggy drawers.

For some reason for years MALM chests been selling without any support for drawers. We still have our first MALM 3-drawer chest back form 2005 and our last one purchased from IKEA not long before they start calling them off, six from craigslist – and none of them, not a single one, came with drawer support. No surprise they bow other the time. We took good care of ours, but even they were saggy enough to became a problem. You can imagine “sagginess” of drawers we picked up from CL…


You can google it and will find dozens of ideas on how to fix it – from simply “glue it” to “re-cut dados” and “build it from zero”
But I found a better way and it’s totally free.

And it’s as simple as it could be.
Just call this number 1 (888) 888-4532 IKEA Customer support, tell them you have bunch (or just a few) MALM drawer chests, all drawers are saggy and in order to fix it you need to place an order for part number 123833. Order as many as you’ll need. I’d ordered 20+ to fix all drawers.
It’s free of any charge / free shipping. My came from Canada (sic!) instead of two local IKEA stores.
You’ll receive it within 14 business days / no questions asked.
Then follow instructions from IKEA and install it.
That is it, guys 🙂

And one more advice.
If your piece of furniture from IKEA on the way to dumpster, spend five minutes and get as many parts from it as you can. Especially all metal parts, will thank me later 🙂

What do you think?
If you like it, don’t be shy to drop comment or two, or just share it – this would be very helpful for us!

18 thoughts on “Fixing old IKEA Malm saggy drawers. For free.

    1. Unfortunately no, sorry.
      However I was able to order it twice – for my Malm’s and almost year later for my sister’s.
      As a matter of fact my first call was rejected by IKEA rep, but second person accepted my order without any questions.
      Maybe you should give it one more try? Or, and it’s possible too, IKEA changed part number and you need to ask for drawer support for Malm instead of given then that number.

  1. Thanks for posting this hack! I was about to throw out my old Malm drawers because I’m finally sick of the sagginess. Now I can extent its life and love a bit longer with this EASY and COST FREE hack. double thumbs up

    1. Just ordered 6x part# 123833 with a phone call to customer service. No further questions were asked.
      Expected to receive them within 4 days free of charge.

  2. Did this in Australia (but called the Australian help line) and it worked! The guy on the phone hadn’t heard of the piece but I gave him the item number, he put me on hold, and came back a minute later to ask how many I wanted! Now they’re winging their way to me from Sweden, and should take about 6 weeks to arrive…

    Thanks for the detailed post!

    1. Update: They arrived after 4 days (not weeks!) but without screws…

      Luckily my local Ikea is 10 minutes down the road, and the help desk gave me the screws (105344) no problem.

  3. This was great to find. I had purchased a new malm chest for a kids room and was surprised to see the metal bars to support the drawers and immediately look for a way to fix all my other older chests.

  4. Wow, thank you so much! I’m going to give this a try. I have sagging Hemnes drawers for 5 year old light use bedroom drawers. I have a new Hemnes living room cabinets that are junk – not square, warping drawer faces, etc. I’m sure those drawers will sag too. I put adhesive in the grooves to reinforce when i assembled, but wish i had had the drawer repair. Thanks again!!!!

  5. Excellent. I have been dealing with this for years on the Malm dresser my son has…and I just recently bought similar IKEA furniture and noticed the supports, which are great and will solve the problem!

    I was going to try and buy them, saw this article, I called 1-888-888-4532 and explained about the older dresser falling apart and the CS rep was nice, polite, understood exactly what I needed and they are on their way to me.. 4 days they say.

    IKEA supports their products. Great! 7/9/19

  6. We are redoing my nieces bedrooms and rather than buy new furniture we are painting the malm furniture but they have saggy drawers! I’ve searched many times before how to fix the drawers and was so happy that my latest search brought me to your page. This fix looks a lot easier!! I ordered enough of the metal brace parts and screws to do my dressers and theirs! 64 of metal braces and 128 screws! I got them yesterday but there were no instructions. Can you tell me what I need to do?

    1. look up the instructions for the dressers… installation is there. you know it only need one brace per drawer bottom!

      1. I thought it was 2 per bottom! Oops! I did find the link to the instructions on your page. I did both of the dressers and night table in my one nieces bedroom. I still have to fix my other nieces and mine as well. Both nieces have 2 dressers and one night table in their bedroom and I have 2 dressers. I did 2 braces per full size drawer and 1 brace for the smaller ones.

  7. The heavier insert are done for safety reasons. The older MALM were recalled because they fail the ATSM test for free standing furnitures. With all the drawers opened, it will tip over.

    8 kids were killed in the US because of this design defect (and parenting fail/not anchoring)

    I will bring the old ones back for a full refund and buy the updated models.
    In the US, they’ll even come pick then up afaik.

  8. I received the brackets in 4 days from the phone call and fixed the drawers!
    IKEA customer service ins the best.

    ONE issue, I didn’t ask for the screws.. to put it in place! they sent just the part. either way.. I ran out to home depot and got the screws 12mm 1/2 inch .

    otherwise, pull up the specs and get the part number for the screws!

  9. That was awesome!! Thanks to whoever posted this info. I called them today. My wife and I have a complete MALM bedroom set. We have two dressers, one tall and one wide. BOTH have sagging dresser drawers.

    I ordered 12 of these under drawer braces and I got them for FREE!! No cost and no shipping fee.

    Thanks IKEA!!

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