Cute but deadly packing

They maybe Cute But Deadly but they still need a proper packing after all!
And I am not talking ’bout animals or little turtle ninjas or deadly spiders, tho who’s gonna call spiders cute, but hey… You never know.
Cute But Deadly is a series of figures based on all universes created by Blizzard, one of the biggest player in game industry nowadays. These vinyl figures vary somewhat but most measure around 3×2″ and are made of clear ABS & non-phthalate PVC. Very detailed and cute cartoonish looking. Small size is a huge plus for me, easy to move around or find a place to store. Been collecting, buying, trading and selling them for some time now. And, in my opinion, biggest problem always was a shipping.

Figures, especially if you send them in original boxes, are small, but not flat enough to fit into USPS Priority box.
You may find bigger box, but need to fill it with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or paper, which will drastically increase shipping cost. As soon as you reach 16oz you will not be able to ship it thru USPS First Class mail, which is cheapest way to ship items like this one.
So I decided to make my own boxes.

Download and cut

All we need is a knife (I use xacto), paper glue, scissors, metal ruler and 4pc of regular A4 printer paper.
Download free plan for shipping box here and print it out. You’ll need to print out from page 2 to page 5 – 4 pages total. First thing to remember is after you done printing make sure you did it right way. Take a ruler and measure first section on page marked “1”. It should be 100mm long (or pretty close to it). Next step is cutting. Cut out plan 1 & 2 and glue them to each other. Do the same with plan 3 & 4. When you finish, glue first and second halves together. Generally speaking first step is completed. Template is ready to use.

Next you’ll need to find a box or piece of cardboard. /*cough* I am using USPS small priority boxes ‘cos they are not heavy, but durable. And free *cough*/
Lay down glued design on this piece of cardboard as shown on photo and mark down all folding and cutting lines. Then connect them with pencil. We are almost done here. Get scissors or knife and cut it out. Use back side ob your knife’s blade to groove folding lines. It’s a time to fold your new shipping box!

If you going to send not sealed box or just a figure itself, my strongly recommendation is to wrap figure in bubble wrap and only then place it inside original or any other box. Some of them, especially Series One (Arthas helmet pike, not to mention Kerrigan and her head and wings etc), are very fragile and may easily broke.


Cute But Deadly – Cute strong box, deadly cheap shipping

‘Cos I’ve been using /*cough* USPS small priority box for it *cough*/ remove linen at one side to expose adhesive, fold box and stick it together. Put a piece of packing tape at the bottom side and try to fit Cute But Deadly box in it. If you done everything right, it should fit perfectly. Now there is a different in sizes between series one and series two – S1 boxes a bit smaller in all dimensions.
Just wrap it with one layer of small bubble wrap. Sealed top of the box with packing tape and you good to go.
/*cough*Since I am using USPS small priority boxes *cough*/ I’ll wrap this box in nice gift wrap paper from dollar store to make it look like a nice bday or xmas gift /*cough* and cover watermarks *cough*/.

Overall, you should ended up with package weighing between 4 to 8oz depends on what figure is inside. Shipping as for December 2017 will cost you or your buyer/fellow collector ’bout $2.77 each figure.
Have fun :o)


People asked me ’bout S3 Overwatch boxes and the answer is YES IT WILL fit S3 boxes perfectly!

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