Rules 101. Gordian knot of cables.

Seems like your worst nightmare comes true – a giant Gordian knot of cables. Unfortunately you are not Alexander the Great and can not sliced it in half with a stroke of your sword. That is to say, you could, yet will it settle the issue? Doubt it…
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against cables or wires! But no matter if it is your power tool or extension cord or 50 foot network cable you keeping “just in a case…” seems like there is only one solution – organize it.
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Rules 101. If you use it, clean it.

Rule number one – “If you use it, clean it”.
Tools should be free of any dust, dirt, paint, rust – and so on. Particularly while you are on tight budget and purchasing new tool in light of the fact that “old” one missed TLC is not an option.
It doesn’t take long to keep it that way. I am still using Klein Tools screwdrivers I’ve got as a present almost 20 years ago.
No indication of rust.
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